• Governments of Canada and B.C. Guilty of “Project Creep” and “Project Splitting”and Ignoring Public Submissions

    Tilbury LNG

    A press release from the Boundary Bay Conservation Committee

    Do you want dangerous LNG Tankers daily on the Fraser River, in Burrard Inlet, and through the
    Salish Sea?

    Over a thousand public submissions voicing concerns have been ignored and buried.

    Ignoring due, and legal, process, the Governments of Canada and B.C. refuse to appropriately
    call for a federal Review Panel Environmental Assessment of plans for massive, full-scale LNG
    operations, including an LNG Marine Terminal, at Tilbury Island, Delta.

    Through a sneaky process called “Project Creep”, the Governments of Canada and B.C. have
    allowed a small LNG operation at Tilbury Island to gradually expand without any environmental

    In 2015, the federal National Energy Board granted Tilbury LNG a licence to export 3.5 million
    tonnes of LNG annually. Through Orders-in-Council in 20134 and 20145, the B.C. Government
    permitted a 46-times increase in liquefaction and a new storage tank that almost tripled LNG
    storage capacity.

    Now the Governments are saying plans for a massive increase to full-scale LNG liquefaction and
    storage is a separate project from the planned LNG marine terminal on the adjacent property,
    with the same project owner, FortisBC. This Project-Splitting is to avoid the highest level of
    assessment, a federal Review Panel Environmental Assessment. The projects are interdependent
    with plans for LNG tankers daily transporting Tilbury LNG for local bunkering and for export.

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