• Buried Public Input to the Tilbury LNG Marine Terminal Project

    Tilbury LNG
    Letter from the Boundary Bay Conservation Committee about the Roberts Bank Container Terminal Project

    A report from the Boundary Bay Conservation Committee, addressed to Hon. Steven Guilbeault, Federal Minister of Environment and Climate Change. You can read it here (PDF).

    They are concerned that due process has not been followed creating the potential for dangerous and damaging consequences to communities, as well as the Lower Fraser River and Salish Sea ecosystems.

    Excerpt: “By approving the B.C. Substitution Assessment process, the federal government is avoiding a proper cumulative effects assessment of federal responsibilities: protection of federal waterways: impacts to fish habitat and populations; species at risk; shipping; transportation; dumping at sea; dredging of federal waterways; federal energy laws and regulations; safety; and emissions. These are the issues identified in public comments to the process and, summarily dismissed in responses as beyond the scope and responsibility of the Proponent.”


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